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Bioer Technology Showcases Innovations at ANALITIKA EXPO 2024

The ANALITIKA EXPO 2024 has been held in Moscow from 16th to 18th, April. More than 260 manufacturers and suppliers presented their products, laboratory equipment and innovations. ANALITIKA EXPO 2024, the premier international trade show for laboratory technology, equipment, and reagents for chemical analysis and diagnostics, offers a comprehensive platform for networking, discovering the latest advancements, and exploring industry trends. Bioer Technology, as an outstanding enterprise in the field of molecular diagnostics, was invited to participate in this grand event.

Bioer Technology is a leading supplier of life science and medical diagnostic products in China, we specialize in the research and development, manufacture and sales of molecular detection serial products. We are committed to providing comprehensive molecular laboratory solutions for clinical and other customers.Our products include real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instruments, automatic nucleic acid purification instrument, thermal cycler, nucleic acid purification reagent, all kinds of PCR detection reagents, standard PCR laboratory, mobile PCR laboratory, sample preservative fluid, Molecular detection consumables and PCR raw materials. At ANALITIKA EXPO, Bioer Technology showcases Droplet Chip Digital PCR Analysis System, Fully Automated Molecular POCT Analyzer, LineGene 9600 Pro Fluorescenct Ouantitative Detection System.

Digital PCR (dPCR) is a cutting-edge molecular technique used for highly precise and sensitive quantification of nucleic acids. Unlike traditional PCR methods that amplify target DNA or RNA sequences exponentially, digital PCR partitions a sample into thousands of individual reactions. The Droplet Chip Digital PCR Analysis System employs patented centrifugal droplet generation technology, capable of completing droplet formation for 16 samples in 3 minutes and the entire digital PCR process within 2 hours.

The new molecular POCT analyzer independently designed and developed by Bioer Technology based on microfluidic chip technology uses unique centrifugal rotation (acceleration, deceleration, positioning) to make the liquid flow and mix, which can complete the whole process of nucleic acid extraction and amplification detection of tested samples in the microfluidic chip, making experiments simpler, faster and more accurate. Currently, reagent kits developed based on this platform include respiratory, gastrointestinal, and STD (sexually transmitted disease) panels.