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Bioer Technology biological medical consumables are made of high purity medical-grade raw materials, which are produced and sterilized in a 100,000-grade dust-free workshop to ensure no pollution of samples; The products are made of high precision molds, which fully ensure the uniformity and ultra-thin wall of consumables, and perfect match for your applications; It has the advantages of high stability, fast heat conduction speed, good light transmittance, low evaporation rate and low adsorption.

Application: Transparent PCR 8-strip tube is suitable for bottom-scanning and top-scanning PCR instrument; white PCR 8-strip tube is only suitable for top-scanning PCR instrument.

Product features

  • Sterile, RNase-/DNase-free, No pyrogens.

  • Good sealing capacity, can effectively prevent sample evaporation and contamination.

  • High precision fitting tube lid, easy to use.

  • Uniform tube wall, good thermal conductivity, to ensure efficient PCR reaction.

  • High transparency lid, helpful for qPCR fluorescence signal collection.

Product parameters
Cat# Product Name Packing size
BSH76S1 0.2mL PCR 8-strip tube (with caps) 125 sets/Box, 12 boxes/Case
BSH16S1 0.2mL white PCR 8-strip tube (with caps) 125 sets/Box
BSH41S1 0.1mL PCR 8-strip tube (with caps) 125 sets/Box
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