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Automatic Nucleic Acid Processing Workstation

Product Introduction

The automatic nucleic acid processing workstation (NPAs-9600), developed by Bioer Technology, integrates the functions of sample loading, identification of sample information, nucleic acid extraction, PCR reaction system setup and so on. The workstation adopts the high-purity nucleic acid extraction system and the high-precision liquid pipet and liquid separation system, which can efficiently complete the nucleic acid purification and PCR system setup, effectively reduce the human operation error, and realize the automation of the whole process from the sampleloading to PCR system set up. It can quickly, efficiently complete the processing of nucleic acid purification toensure all kinds of downstream experiments are carried out normally.

Product parameters
Product Name Automatic Nucleic Acid Processing Workstation
Model NPAs-9600
Sample 1-96
Function Identification of sample information and loading+ Nucleic acid extraction+ PCR reaction system set up
Principle Magnetic bead extraction principle and rotary mixing technology
Magnetic bead recovery efficiency rate ≥99%
Sample Type Plasma, serum, whole blood, swab lotion, urine and other samples
Sample Channel Numbers 1-4
Pipetting Capacity Pipette,50μL,1000μL;Volume,50μL,1000μL;Accuracy R,2.0%,1.0%;CV,0.75%,0.75%
Liquid Level Detection Capacitive-sensing level detection; pressure-sensing level detection
Sample Tube Specifications Compatible with various specifications of blood sample collection tubes, 5ml and 10ml sample tubes
Extraction Temperature Control Module 2 steps: pyrolysis & elution,Temperature control: room temperature to 120 °C.
PCR Reagent Chamber Light-proofing design
PCR Consumables 0.2mL single tube, 8-tube strips, and 96-well plates;
Contamination Control Design UV light sterilization units for the experimental and extraction cabinets
Information Technology Multiple sample barcodes are scanned one by one during sample rack loading.
Size and Weight Doors open:1400mm x 700mm x 1980mm (L*W*H)
Doors close:1400mm x 700mm x 1670mm (L*W*H)
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