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This product is a fast, inhibitor-resistant DNA polymerase with a relative molecular weight of 94 kDa. Through genetic engineering, it has undergone specific mutations based on enzyme kinetic principles, resulting in higher extension speed and increased resistance to inhibitors. This product is suitable for amplifying DNA products of less than 6kb, DNA labeling, DNA sequencing, and the amplification products can be directly used for TA cloning. It is particularly well-suited for rapidly amplifying samples with a high presence of inhibitors, which are challenging for conventional Taq enzymes to amplify.

Product features

Low Host gDNA Residue: Thanks to a unique rTaq purification process, the level of host DNA residue is comparable to that of premium imported brands.

Fast Amplification Speed:2s/kb.

Excellent Tolerance: Suitable for samples with a high presence of inhibitors, such as humic acid, NaCl, ethanol, isopropanol, and more.

Product parameters
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