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In recent years, the search for effective prevention and control methods of aquatic animal diseases has attracted more and more attention from scholars at home and abroad. The rapid and accurate detection of pathogens in aquaculture animals is the basis and prerequisite for effective prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases. Therefore, the establishment of rapid and accurate detection methods for aquaculture animal pathogens and rapid diagnosis techniques for aquatic animal diseases can not only be directly used for the effective prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases, but also lay a good foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of aquaculture industry.

For a long time, the identification of aquatic animal pathogenic microorganisms has adopted the traditional laboratory method, but this method is time-consuming and it can not be fast and convenient in the large-scale disease investigation process.

The commonly used rapid microbial detection systems such as API and VITECH are also based on biochemical reactions. Although these systems achieve automatic and rapid detection, but the detection of Marine biological pathogens is not accurate. With the rapid development of molecular biology, PCR detection method has been applied to aquaculture and disease research, thus solving this problem well. Therefore, the application of PCR technology in the diagnosis of aquaculture animal diseases is of great significance.