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Molecular biology is a basic research subject that studies the structure and function of biological macromolecules, and is an important field of life science research. It is widely used in biology, agricultural science (agronomy, forestry, animal husbandry and veterinary science, aquatic science, etc.), medical science (basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese pharmacy, etc.) and engineering and technology science (food science, environmental science, etc.) and other research topics.Bioer Technology provides major instruments, reagents, consumables and other solutions for all kinds of universities and institutes carrying out molecular biology research, especially the research technology based on PCR.

Our products include nucleic acid purification instrument, thermal cycler and fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument.Nucleic acid purification instrument helps scientific research users to efficiently and quickly complete high-quality nucleic acid extraction, laying a foundation for all down-stream molecular biology experiments. Thermal cycler can complete the amplification of target nucleic acid fragments, is a necessary instrument in molecular biology laboratory. Fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument can be used for gene expression difference detection, allele analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection, methylation detection and other basic scientific research. Bioer technology can also provides users with general laboratory equipment, including: Dry bath, water bath, thermal shaker, etc.

In addition to Sample preservative fluid, nucleic acid purification reagent and PCR detection reagent,We provides a series of biological research reagents for scientific research users, including: Cell cryopreservation fluid, erythrocyte lysis fluid, DNA molecular weight marker, single-component TMB display fluid, gel electrophoresis loading buffer, phenolic reagent, molecular diagnostic enzyme and qPCR MIX.These products help research users carry out molecular biology experiments easily.